New Google AdWords IF Functions Allow for Greater Ad Customization

Google AdWords has introduced new IF functions to search ads which allow ad text to be customized based on whether or not specific parameters are met.

Google Ads IF Function Step By Step Guide

Learn how to use Google Ads IF function and how to implement them in bulk with ease into your campaigns.


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Text Ad Customizers | If function in Google Ads | Latest Video | Google Ads Course #86

Hello All, In this video, I am talking about –
– What are ad customizers
– How to use ad Customizers
– if function – Device & Audience
– Ad Customizers in Text Ads
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How To Write Google Ads Headlines That Get CLICKS in 2023

In this video I show you how to write Google Ads headlines in 2023.

I demonstrate what you should include in your Google Ads headlines…

And what you should avoid including in your Google ad headlines.

The headline is undoubtedly the most important part of a Google search ad.

There are various Google ad headline strategies and techniques and I share only the ones that have worked for me in this video

I also provide a bunch of Google ad headlines examples that you can model from.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 How to find Google Ads headline ideas
1:06 Include your prospects’ desired outcome
1:56 Include your offer
2:49 Add keywords into your Google ad headlines
3:30 How to use dynamic keyword insertion
5:32 Address objections in your Google ads headlines
6:29 Avoid using ‘dead’ words
7:23 Include numbers of statistics
8:06 Research what your competitors are using
9:05 The secret to creating the best Google Ad headlines
9:44 Don’t miss this…


How To Use The Google Keyword Planner (Beginner’s Keyword Tutorial):



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