WordPress 5.8 Will Be Faster with WebP Support

WordPress 5.8 arriving July 2021 will speed up websites by supporting the WebP image format. Image conversions may be on the way

WordPress 5.8 – WebP

WordPress 5.8 and how to use it.

Part Seven of the WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup’s recording of the Zoom meeting discussing WordPress 5.8.

In this video we look at WebP.

– WebP is an image compression format.
– It’s supported by most modern browsers.
– WordPress 5.8 doesn’t provide fallback support for unsupported browsers.

SEO news: WordPress 5.8 beta 1 & support for WebP images

In this fragment from the latest SEO news webinar (June 2021), Joost and Jono discuss the release of the first beta for WordPress 5.8, and they talk about the added support for WebP images.

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How to Use WebP Images in WordPress (For Better Performance)

In this video, you’ll learn how to make your WordPress website faster by using WebP images.
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Since the release of version 5.8, WordPress has supported WebP natively. This means you can now upload WebP images directly to the media library and insert them into your content like any other image format. Even better, Photoshop now supports WebP images too, so they’re easier to create. Learn how to use WebP images and why you’d want to.

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�� Fastest Way to Convert PNG and JPEG images to WEBP WordPress 5.8 Update

This video will show you the fastest way to convert PNG and JPEG images to WEBP for WordPress 5.8 Update.

WordPress 5.8 was just released and one of the major changes in this update is that it now supports WEBP images. This change will allow for faster loading times on your website, especially if you are currently using JPEG or PNG images. Luckily there is a quick way to convert all your images to WEBP individually or in bulk!

Most all current browsers are actually compatible with WebP. Roughly 5% of internet users will not see any images. For pure WebP images, based on https://caniuse.com/webp, only Apple is lagging behind. As of iOS 14 it works for iPhones and for standalone Safari, it works with macOS 11 Big Sur and later. More or less all iPhones since 2015 and some Macs from 2013 on can see WebP.

You can use the Imagify plugin ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/imagify/ ) to still display other formats for the 5%.

Here’s how:
0:00 – Convert a Single Image to WEBP
1:37 – Bulk Convert Images to WEBP

Tools used:
►RedKetchup Image Tools | https://redketchup.io/
►Export Media Library Plugin | https://wordpress.org/plugins/export-media-library/

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