Google Ads to Start Hiding Some Search Query Data

Google has an announcement in accounts: starting in September, search queries without a "significant" amount of data will no longer show in query reports.

Use Google Ads filters to find amazing metrics and hidden data

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Howdy ya’ll, welcome back to your favorite Google Ads podcast. Today the boys are talking about filters, a hidden little gem of Google Ads. The guys talk about how they use filters at the keyword and search term levels to find amazing metrics and hidden data insights. Enjoy!

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NEVER Forget To Disable Display Expansion In Google Ads (Why & How)

When it comes to running Google Search Ad campaigns, there is a certain default setting that Google tries to push on you, which you should never leave enabled.

Hidden away on a single tab of part of the campaign setup process is the option to enable/disable ‘Display Expansion’ on Search campaigns (which Google handily enables by default).

Unless you really know what you are doing you should always disable Display Expansion in Google Ads and never leave it enabled, because display and search advertising are very different in terms of objectives and fundamental strategy … it’s like mixing oil and water.

In this short video I explain why leaving the ‘Display Expansion’ setting enabled is a bad idea, and show you how to turn it off when creating a new campaign or editing an existing campaign (as well as how to tell if your search campaign is also opted into display advertising).

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Google Ads Search Query Report Changes – Google Ads Search Terms Report Gains 6.5x More Query Data

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Google has recently announced that the Google Ads search term report now has, on average, 6.5 times more query data since the company hid low-volume search term data back in September 2020.

Google stated, “we’re able to show you more queries that meet our privacy standards in the search terms report for Search and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns”.

However, Google will be removing some of your businesses query data that does not meet its privacy requirements. So they are advising that you download that data as soon as possible before it is gone.

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