Google And The Right To Be Forgotten

The Right to be Forgotten allows people to request URL delisting on Google, but only for certain countries.

Right to be Forgotten | Important Judgments of 2021 | CLAT | Law Exams

Hello Everyone! This is the 1st case of the Important Judgments Series that I will be covering in the upcoming videos. In this Video we have discussed recent judgment on the concept of Right to be Forgotten and how it is protected under Article 21 of the Constitution along with the recent case of Jorawar Singh Mundy v UOI (2021)

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Important case of 2021 Jorawar Singh Mundy v UOI
02:25 Right to be Forgotten
02:35 Right to Privacy V Right to Information
03:40 Judgment
04:14 Data Protection Bill and BN Srikrishna Committee

Here’s the PDF on this case-

This is one of the recent cases of 2021 & very important for competitive preparation such as CLAT 2022, NET 2022, Judiciary Exams and other competitive Exams.

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Google asked to delist 2.4m links under ‘right to be forgotten’

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Google has received requests to take down 2.4 million links from its search engine, under the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ rules. The internet giant has published data on the requests ahead of new tough EU laws on the subject which come into force in May. Also today, workers at Ford’s Bordeaux factory are worried about their future.

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Requesting content removals under the right to be forgotten

In May 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that individuals have the right to ask search engines like Google to delist results that are “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive” on the basis of a person’s name. Since then more countries have adopted similar laws. Learn how to submit a request to delist content and Google’s review process.

0:00 – Introduction
0:44 – Criteria to be considered
2:25 – How to file a request to Google
4:58 – Decision process
6:56 – Wrap up

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Google loses ‘right to be forgotten’ case

Europe’s top court has ruled that internet search giant Google will have to remove when required sensitive data produced by its ubiquitous search engine, in a landmark ruling on privacy rights. In a case pitting privacy campaigners against Google, the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) on Tuesday said Google must listen and sometimes comply when individuals request the removal of links to newspaper articles or websites containing their personal information. Al Jazeera’s Dominc Kane reports.
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